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Bar & Beverage Services


Mixology & Bartending

Let us help guide you on making smart decisions around serving alcohol at your event. Open bars can be great fun, but sometimes costly, especially when guests are having so much fun. Offering a signature cocktail is a creative way to include liquor at your event without offering an open bar. Plus, it's a creative way to personalize in a small, sweet way.

Bar Design & Planning

We offer beer, wine, champagne and cocktail packages which will fit your event and budget. To make your party even more enjoyable and memorable, we’ll help you think about spending more time on envisioning the event bar design. Including everything your guests will ask for including garnishes, mixers, soda, ice and stunning glassware.

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Non-Alcoholic Bars

Alcohol-free cocktails are year-round staples, as such we offer selections of alcohol alternatives that go beyond the typical non-alcoholic beer. Our endlessly creative bartenders are knowledgeable regarding premier non-alcoholic wines, spirits, and especially mocktails providing your guests with beautiful, colorful drinks packed with interesting flavor.

Licensed & Trusted 

We offer catering that allows the provision and dispensing of alcohol at your event in compliance with Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) laws. Our Bartenders carry all appropriate liquor licenses, permits, and insurance to meet all ABC requirements. We only employ the best, most professional bartenders who are equal parts affable and experienced to help out at any event.

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